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Opening Address  
IoS-OP Consortium Chairman
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE)  Managing Executive Officer
Mr. Michitomo Iwashita

No. 1
Connected Marine Insurance: A policy that gives you more than cover  PDF download
CetoAI  Founder & CEO
Ms. Tony Hildrew

In a world where data drives every decision we make, whether it’s the clothes that we buy, the movies we watch or the services we deliver as a businesses; data impacts us all. In this presentation we explore the concept of Connected Marine Insurance products for the maritime industry and the value adding benefits that collaboration and proactive loss prevention can have for shipowners.

No. 2
CMP-MAP solution – reduction of greenhouse gas emission using antifouling paints  PDF download
CHUGOKU MARINE PAINTS, LTD.  Antifouling Coatings Tech. Dept.
Dr. Hirohisa Mieno (Research Fellow, Kobe University International Maritime Research Center)

CMP – Monitoring & Analysis Program (CMP-MAP) solution is based on various monitoring and analysis solution. PIR simulator is newly developed cloud-based web service to estimate a life cycle performance and CII rating of each vessel using FIR and average speed loss value which is classified for each antifouling product based on fouling risk.

No. 3
3 important maritime cybersecurity trends in 2024  PDF download
Cydome  Head of Marketing
Mr. Shahar Dumai

2024 is a pivotal year in cybersecurity for shipping companies. Digitalization and connectivity surge but so are the cyber threats and new regulations. In this session we will cover what shipping companies need to know about the latest developments in maritime cybersecurity, and provide an outline for securing your fleet while improving operational efficiency.

No. 4
Coming together to deliver the agnostic platform for Maritime Sustainability and Safety  PDF download
Danelec  Sr. Product Manager, DanelecConnect and IoT Business
Mr. Konrad Gessler

Explore how Danelec’s acquisition of Nautilus Labs enhances our renowned high-frequency data collection and vessel performance monitoring. We now offer comprehensive turnkey solutions, tailored to meet specific shipowner or operator needs. This integration allows us to deliver unparalleled operational efficiency and customized services, reinforcing our commitment to advancing marine technology.

No. 5
40+ Years of Safety Experience  


No. 6
IoS-OP Insights for Data-Driven Decarbonization  PDF download
Ship Data Center  Digital Officer, Lead Business Development
Mr. Vikrant Sharma

In a rapidly evolving maritime industry, the IoS-OP consortium drives sustainable practices through data-driven insights. Collaborating with global stakeholders, ShipDC ensures high-quality ship operation data flow for enhanced performance analysis and environmental sustainability. By fostering collaboration and data sharing, IoS-OP empowers shipping companies to navigate challenges, optimize operations, and lead the industry towards decarbonization and operational excellence.

No. 7
Digitalization blueprint for vessel & voyage performance, predictive maintenance  PDF download
Smart Ship Hub Digital  
Mr. Joy Basu, CEO
Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Advisor, Digital Roadmap and evangelism
Capt. Shailesh, Sales Head, Customer Success
Mr. Vikram R, CTO
Mr. Prashant, Head, Delivery

Smart Ship Hub Digital Pte Ltd. committed towards innovation and technology led ship management, we are constantly challenging boundaries and encouraging creative solutions. Each customer gets personalized user experience. Disrupting the global maritime ecosystem with proprietary condition and health monitoring, predictive diagnostics, voyage performance and digital twin: Samrt Ship Hub is one of the few organizations that is geared up towards connected and shared maritime economy that leverages ship to ship data sharing.

No. 8
TERASAKI Marine Information Platform  PDF download
TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.  Manager, Marketing Department, System Division
Mr. Goro Shimahara

TMIP (TERASAKI Marine Information Platform) is an onboard data collection device that collects and stores data by connecting with monitoring systems such as TERANET50X manufactured by TERASAKI and other onboard equipment, and can be used with various devices and applications. It is possible to share. In addition, the main components of TMIP are highly reliable products developed for marine use, and have been used extensively with TERANET50X.

No. 9
Ship Performance Orchestration – the key to unlocking the value of vessel IoT data  PDF download
Toqua  Founder & CEO
Mr. Casimir Morobe

In this webinar, Toqua introduces its Ship Performance Orchestration Platform: a new type of maritime software that ensures you get the most out of your sensor data. The system harnesses the power of big data and AI, designed to work in harmony with your existing applications, and integrates effortlessly with the various data collection systems you already use.

No. 10
Leveraging Data for Maritime Excellence  PDF download
ZeroNorth  CEO
Mr. Søren Meyer

Data is transforming the shipping industry, empowering collaboration and informed decision-making. We will share use cases highlighting the ways that shipping companies are leveraging data to optimise operational efficiency, emissions management, and regulatory compliance, illustrating the powerful impact of data-driven technology on global trade and the industry’s journey to zero emissions.

No. 11
Data use case: Managing EU ETS and FuelEU Maritime  PDF download
zero44  Co-Founder and Managing Director
Ms. Friederike Hesse

Building on ShipDC or other noon report data, zero44 has built a software-as-a-service solution that enables shipping companies to manage carbon regulation like CII, EU ETS and FuelEU Maritime. The presentation will briefly explain the two main European regulations, highlight challenges for shipping companies and the solutions zero44 provides by utilizing the ShipDC data set.