ShipDC offers the following functions to be able to store various data collected onboard in a universal data base onshore and access it as needed.

  • Registration of data through internet or server transmission
  • Secure data storage in data center onshore
  • Data availability through data access interface
  • Controlled data access
  • Detection and revision of error data
  • Availability of ocean/weather conditions mapped by ship location

Data Flow

IoS-OP Data Flow


Contains the following features which can be used as a shared foundation for diverse industry data.

Handling of diverse data

Implements a system for the programless storage and extraction of the various data found onboard.

An IoS platform that can be used with peace of mind

Implements features such as protection against fraudulent data writing, distribution of strongly encrypted data keys, data extraction through SSL/TLS transmission, and double verification of data keys and app keys.

Implementation of data ownership and data quality improvement schemes

Implements systems for data quality improvement and distribution through data key schemes