From 6th June to 31st July 2023

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No. 1
IoS-OP Contribution to the Shipping Companies
Ship Data Center Co., Ltd.  Digital Officer, Lead Business Development
Mr. Vikrant Sharma
The Internet of Ships Open Platform (IoS-OP) is a digital platform consisting of data handling rules and a data center (ShipDC). It is developed to enable the sharing of vessel operational data among stakeholders such as ship owners, shipyards, and equipment manufacturers without compromising data confidentiality and quality. At the IoS-OP, we encourage using high-frequency data from ships to effectively monitor ship performance and benchmark a shipping company’s fleet vessels with big data available on the platform. The platform users can start collecting and storing the sensor data on the ShipDC immediately by selecting registered onboard data server companies and data analysis companies.
Keywords: Benchmarking, Data Ownership, Data Management, High-Frequency Data, IoS-OP

No. 2
Your thought partner in digital maritime solutions
Alpha Ori Technologies  Co-CEO
Mr. Bala Sankaran
Alpha Ori is a Maritime technology company operating in Industrial IoT, big data and AI / ML applications. We solve real issues for all the stakeholders in the maritime value chain and help them to achieve digital transformation. The customers realise the ROI through;
1. Real Time Performance Monitoring
2. Real Time Performance Enhancement
3. Real Time Alerts and decision support
Keywords: Enhance Ship Performance, Optimise Fuel consumption, Remote Monitoring, Reduce Cost & Maximise Earnings, Emissions Reporting

No. 3
Navarino’s Cyber Security Portfolio
Navarino  Solutions Architect
Mr. Stratos Margaritis
In this presentation we will be looking at Navarino’s wide range of cyber security services that have been designed specifically for the needs of the maritime sector and which are type approved by DNV and Bureau Veritias.
Keywords: Cyber Security, Maritime, Shipping, Technology