Ship Data Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) manages a data center which handles big data related to vessels. Upon managing this data center, we handle the personal information of clients (including suppliers) and each person who engages in work for us.
We established the PRIVACY POLICY recognizing that proper handling of personal information of the Customers/Employees is an important social responsibility. We shall ensure this policy is widely disseminated to all employees, promote compliance with it and endeavor to handle personal information appropriately. This PRIVACY POLICY also applies to specific personal information (personal information which includes individual identification numbers).

  1. The Society shall engage in the following activities:
    • Collection, use/processing, and storage of operational data
    • Collection, use/processing, and storage of real-time sea/weather conditions
    • Collection, use/processing, and storage of vessel data
    • Collection, use/processing, and storage of client data (including suppliers)
    • Recruitment, employment, labor and personnel management
  2. We shall properly acquire, use and provide personal information of the Customers/Employees within the scope necessary to achieve the intended purpose specified in the business activities. We shall take measures for the establishment of, notification of and compliance with the rules and regulations, so that it can enhance the inner management of our company and prevent the Employees from using personal information for other purposes.
  3. We shall implement necessary and appropriate Safety Control Measures and endeavor to prevent accidents, such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, and damages of personal information by theft or unauthorized taking or transfer, as well as legal violation, disrepute and negative impact on individuals, and shall promptly take corrective measures in case any accident occurs.
  4. We shall comply with and uphold up-to-date laws and regulations or other related standards established by the government (including guidelines on the appropriate use of specific personal information and laws related to the use of individual identification numbers for administrative services) on personal information.
  5. We shall respond promptly and appropriately to the consultations and complaints concerning personal information.
  6. The Society shall establish, operate, check and rectify a system necessary to protect personal information and make ongoing efforts to improve its service.

1 April 2018
Yasuhiro Ikeda