ShipDC welcomes Navarino to IoS-OP

Navarino has joined IoS Open Platform (IoS-OP), the ship IoT data sharing platform promoted by Ship Data Center Co., Ltd. (ShipDC). Navarino will not only work on the transmission and utilization of the ship operation data in IoS-OP but also contribute to raise the industry’s awareness of IoS-OP.

IoS-OP is a universal platform that enables the sharing of vessel operational data among maritime stakeholders without compromising profits of data providers. It consists of common rules established in the maritime industry and a data center for collecting and distributing data, and is accelerating data-driven innovation throughout the maritime industry. Following agreements with major shipping companies in 2021, data available at IoS-OP reaches 500 ships offering the unique and practical opportunity to utilize their operational data.

Mr. Nikos Ioakeim, Innovation Consultant at Navarino said ‘We are delighted to announce that we have become a member of the IoS-OP Consortium. IoS-OP’s aim is to accelerate the standardization of onboard data collection, distribution and utilization, and to democratize access to real vessel data by Solution Providers in order to develop new solutions. We look forward to collaborating with IoS-OP and bringing innovative solutions to the market.’

Navarino is one of the world’s largest maritime technology and connectivity companies, operating across 6 shipping-centric nations. It works with over 500 ship operators and manages more than 8,000 vessels from its offices across Europe and Asia, offering them the most diverse global portfolio of technology solutions designed specifically for the merchant marine sector.

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