Service contents

This is a shore based service which provides some equipment such as shipboard data collection and data transmission to shore via satellite communication, and you can simulate tests such as shipboard data collection, transmission, and acquisition as onboard. Members of IoS-OP Consortium are free to use these environments!

Scenario to use

Facilities and communication costs are free of charge. In addition, since the ISO 19847-compliant servers from several manufacturers are provided, various test can be carried out such as the evaluation of conformity to ISO standards of existing systems and services, examination of new services, trial of the high speed satellite communication service, and pre-test before the actual shipboard test. It is also available as a demonstration environment for new products and services:

  1. Examination of engine preventive maintenance service by remote monitoring of engine data
  2. Examination of new maintenance service by remote monitoring of machinery operation data
  3. Investigation of various analysis and new analysis services that utilize ShipDC’s ship IoT data
  4. Trial of ship-to-shore data communication with your own system using actual satellite communication
  5. Functional verification of shipboard data server and shipboard application
Image diagram of Scenario to use


Contact IoS-OP Consortium Secretariat at first. We will arrange necessary preparations according to your test scenario after interviewing the purpose of use. If a setting change or software modification is needed, we may make a separate consultation with actual expense based on man-hours.

Application flow

Testbed facilities

Shipboard data server

BEMAC IoT Data Server / BEMAC Corporation
intelligence edge / JRCS Co.Ltd.
TERASAKI Marine Information Platform / TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.

Satellite communication equipment

Fleet Xpress / Inmarsat
OceanBB plus / SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation