Roles of the stakeholders

With IoS-OP, stakeholders involved in data collection and usage have been organized by each of their roles in order to clarify each objective, responsibility, and duty.

Platform User

Parties responsible for data collection costs (data ownership)
・ Management of data collection and usage rights
・ Authorization of data access scope and SU (solution user)

Platform Provider

Responsible for providing data collection services to PU (platform provider)
Sale and support of onboard servers

Shore DC

Onshore data center manager
Provides data collection platform, data, API, selling of data sets, security screening of data users

Solution Provider

Provides remote maintenance support, performance analysis reports, condition monitoring solutions and application software

Solution User

Users of applications provided by SP (solution provider)

Data Buyer

Buyers of data set usage rights
・ Improvement of ships and products made in-house
・ Big data analysis
・ Ocean performance analysis etc.